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Just a simple guy who loved his iOS games and apps, and love Open Source Technology, and sharing knowledge along the way :D

ANZ banking system fault!!!

Hmm … I am wondering whether anyone else had experience being charged “overdrawn fee” by ANZ when there is not overdrawn? I had …. 3 times! Here is the scenario: ANZ Access Advantage Account with $0 balance, and ANZ Online … Continue reading

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Forcing 16:9 resolution onto Linux GUI

Sometimes, Linux can’t detect the monitor resolution properly, eg 1920X1080 (16:9), so we will need to be creative and trick the Linux to think that’s a new video mode for that resolution. Here is some brief steps how I got … Continue reading

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Matlab – tips and tricks

Would like to ensure all additional MATLAB support packages are installed on the share location: 1. launch matlab as “root” user 2. find out the current support package root (default is homedir: matlabshared.supportpkg.getSupportPackageRoot() 3. set it to a share location: … Continue reading

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Linux 101 – crond

Always remember to put full path of the scripts or commands to be run in crond.

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cfengine2 segfault – culprit ipv6 in kickstart

I had been troubleshooting cfengine segfault for days and finally found the issues: Network setup in the kickstart %post had enable networking_ipv6, which confuse cfengine It was a broken kickstart since long time ago, and the workaround was rerun “cfagent” … Continue reading

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Basic steps to setup pulseaudio (DisplayPort output) in Linux

Here is some basic steps (and reminder to self):1. install pulseaudio-utils # yum install pulseaudio-utils 2. Check which output to can be use: # pactl list Note: ** find the output you need, the 1 I am outputing is "output:hdmi-stereo-extra2+input:analog-stereo" … Continue reading

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How to plot sysstat (SAR) into a beautiful graph?

In the past, I had been using kSar to quickly plot graphs from sar files that I had collected from the systems, but I would really prefer a system that it can consolidate all the sar reports from various systems … Continue reading

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