How to plot sysstat (SAR) into a beautiful graph?

In the past, I had been using kSar to quickly plot graphs from sar files that I had collected from the systems, but I would really prefer a system that it can consolidate all the sar reports from various systems and generate beautiful graphs to do performance analysis.

I know there are tons of tools out there that can do that : Nagios, Sensu, Shinken, Cacti, just to name a few, but all these is generating the graphs base on the data it collected instead of the sysstat sar file located in /var/log/sa.

I still haven’t find any that do that, but the closer I found is SarGraph, which will run a periodic sar command remotely to systems and keep the data on the sargraph servers. Currently it only give 4 performance metric: CPU, Memory, Swap and Run-Queue Size.


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