Wait … which Linux Distro to use?

I had been saying that as Linux SysAdmin, you should get yourselves familiar with a few tools:

  1. git
  2. scripting – BASH/Python

But which Linux Distro should you be using?  This really depends on you, and what you will be administrating and using in your environment.  Generally, most common Linux distribution can be categorized into (source from wikipedia):

  • Commercial or non-commercial;
  • Designed for enterprise users, power users, or for home users;
  • Supported on multiple types of hardware, or platform-specific, even to the extent of certification by the platform vendor;
  • Designed for servers, desktops, or embedded devices;
  • General purpose or highly specialized toward specific machine functionalities (e.g. firewalls, network routers, and computer clusters);
  • Targeted at specific user groups, for example through language internationalization and localization, or through inclusion of many music production or scientific computing packages;
  • Built primarily for securityusability, portability, or comprehensiveness.

As for me, I just categorized the common Linux Distributions into 3 types: deb or rpm or tarball (Linux Package Format): Debian, Red Hat or Slackware.  You can find the common Linux Distribution here.  If you want to get your hand dirty with the most popular Enterprise Linux Distro such as SUSE and Red Hat (Oracle Linux is just a derivative of Red Hat Enterprise Linux), then you should get yourselves familiar with RPM Linux Distro, such as OpenSuSE, CentOS or Fedora.

If you not too sure which 1 you will be administrating, then you should try out CentOS, which is very similar with Red Hat Enterprise Linux; but if you want to do more with newer technology, then you might want to try out Fedora.

But wait … what if you just want to try out and play around?  Then you can either using Live CD, such as CentOS or Ubuntu or many others other there.  If you prefer to live and play in your Windows, you can use:

  1. Virtual Box
  2. VMWare

There are lots of documents on how to setup a virtual environment in your MS Windows, while you try out Linux.

Have fun playing with Linux 😀


About seTAN

Just a simple guy who loved his iOS games and apps, and love Open Source Technology, and sharing knowledge along the way :D
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