First thing to do when you are FRESHLY system administrator

It had been awhile (more than 2 months) since I wrote anything here.  So, let me start my weekly update from today onward (and hopefully will be weekly, and not monthly.annually) 😀

Working as Linux System administrator (and sometimes called Linux System Engineer), I had written many BASH scripts to ease my daily routine.  I usually have 1 issue: HOW DO I KEEP IT UPDATE AND BACKUP!

So, let me tell you the first thing you need when you start your job as Linux System Administrator or just want to keep your documents/scripts/programs and etc, you should get a GIT repository setup.  Here is 2 sites that I used for my git repositories:


At first, I setup my account in but I found that the free account doesn’t allow to create private git repository, which might be require if you don’t want to have your code to be share with public (yet) while still in development.

So, I registered a new account in and have the repository set to “private”.

And if you want to quickly start on how to use git, then you can refer to here:

Have fun with your first git repository 😀


About seTAN

Just a simple guy who loved his iOS games and apps, and love Open Source Technology, and sharing knowledge along the way :D
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