Oracle Exadata healthcheck tool – exachk

exachk is a healthcheck tool from Oracle for their engineered system – Oracle Exadata Database Machine.  You can read more information in the MOS note – Oracle Exadata Database Machine exachk or HealthCheck [ID 1070954.1]

According to the MOS note, exachk is for:

  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition 11.2.x
  • Hardware: Oracle X2-2(4170), X2-2, and X2-8, X3-2, X3-8, Exalogic, SPARC SuperCluster
  • Operating System: Linux X86-64 and Solaris 11 X86-64 (not express)

exachk is just a reference of an Oracle Exadata Database Machine deployed per Oracle standards.  But is neither

    • a database, network, or SQL performance analysis tool


  • a continuous monitoring utility and do not duplicate the work of other monitoring or alerting tools (e.g.: Enterprise Manager)
  • a security configuration analysis or monitoring utility and do not duplicate the work of other security tools


So does exachk really do?  It is a non-intrusive tools, which it will collect and analyze the Oracle Exadata Database Machines – Database servers, storage servers and Infiniband switches.  It will verifies all key components of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine against supported version levels, recommended settings, and best practices.  When it completed, it will provide 2 reports: summary and detail, where the detail reports will contain Benefit/Impact, Risk and Action/Repair information.  In most cases, the report will also provide reference to publicly available documents with additional information about best practices and how to implement them.

And how do we run exachk?  You can refer to the pdf “ExachkUserGuide.pdf” that come with the exachk bundle file (which is a zip file) in the MOS note ID 1070954.1  But here is the brief steps:

  1. Download the latest exachk bundle file from MOS note ID 1070954.1 into the first Database machine of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  2. Unzip the bundle file
  3. run “exachk” as oracle user, which normally is “oracle”
  4. Examine the report which is in html format

I will provide a sample report later here.


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2 Responses to Oracle Exadata healthcheck tool – exachk

  1. Umesh says:

    There are two two most commonly used tools for Exadata Health Check.

    1. Sundiag
    2. Exachk

    Sundiag is for checking exadata disks status, while Exachk is for checking overall health of Exadata machine software.

    Here are the easy steps for how to use these tools.

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