Dungeons & Dice free for a day – grab it before too late!

Dungeons & Dice [Free] – Do you like the boardgame “Heroes of Might & Magic”?  How about Monopoly?  This game is a combination of these 2 great games into 1 😀

Dungeons & Dice is a fantasy board game for 1-4 people. Dungeons & Dice takes you on a journey through magical lands.  The game is best play with at least 2 people (but 1 person too will let you have some fun hours in the game)!
Each human player can be Fighter, Paladin, Wizard or Cleric.  Each Character class will have their strength and weakness.  You will roll a dice (or 2 or 3) to decide your faith either in moving or fighting.  There is 20 different types of monsters you can slay, 30 different objects for you to find and equip yourself with, 12 types of spell scroll for you to use, and 17 NPCs as your companions in the game.

The final goal of the game – slay the Red Dragon, but before that you will need to find some unique objects and equipments, and ensure you are strong enough to slay it!

From SHTan
From SHTan
From SHTan

Personally, I find the game is really fun and entertaining even though I am the only player (human) in the game.  It will much fun if there is at least 2 players in the game, where the chance and luck might give effect to each players (lost a turn, or your hero turn bad/good).  This game will be even better, if the players can compete with each other online (wifi) instead of pass and play 😀


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