Galaxy on Fire 3D – Brief review – 4 stars

I had been playing Galaxy on Fire 3D over the weekend, and I really love it.

This game remind me of some of the space simulation games I played back in the old days, like Wing Commander, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Wing Commander: Privateer and etc.

This game is a mixture of space shooting simulations, with some sort of trading and RPG style game play.  It come with a simple story line: You control a space cruiser/fighter which you will be traveling from space station to space station (or galaxy) and you got to complete some missions to earn your living – you are a hire-gun 😀

Space shooting simulation – you control your spacecraft from a third person view, which is ok, but I would say a cockpit view from the spaceship will be a ++ to the the game.

Trading – Err … the game do have some basic trading, which you get some loot after each of your mission that you can sell off at space stations to get some extra $$.  Each loot might have different pricing in different station.  You can also buy new ship, or upgrade your weaponry or ship shield.  Unfortunately, that’s all for the trading in the game.

RPG – you play as a new hire-gun/mercenary in the game, which you need to follow a sequence of the missions to unfold the story.  Unfortunately, I only completed 5 missions and don’t know the story yet.

The game offer a simple and straight forward game play – there is not complicate control for space shooting, but it does need some more work to make it perfect :
1. Cockpit view
2. More trade options to earn big bucks
3. Maybe a selection of missions instead of just the only 1 mission that need to complete (can’t choose)
4. More RPG stuff – more story line and more choice for the player to make

Nevertheless, I would give this game at least 4 stars 😀

Some screenshots from the game :

From SHTan
From SHTan

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Just a simple guy who loved his iOS games and apps, and love Open Source Technology, and sharing knowledge along the way :D
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