Start of this blog

Had been thinking of writing something online, some blogs, maybe a blog that the end of the century will help me to earn a living?

But what to blog here?

Gadget – don’t have anyone sponsor me with cool gadget 😦

Love life – neh, I don’t have much love life to tell the world; don’t think I want to tell the world about my life too πŸ˜€

Linux related – maybe I will put in some of the info or tips I got from my daily work here, but again nothing outstanding

Toys – Yes, I do collect toys but not toys fanatic, and don’t really keep up with all the latest news in toys industry, but hey, this is something for my own πŸ˜€

Anime – Yeap, another of my hobbies, but again, I love and got a lot of old animes like Macross,
Robotech, ThunderCats, Transformers, etc and not the latest and best anime which you can watch in Animax or other Anime channel in the world.

Movie – Oh …. I just missed the old days which I will go out for movie at least once in a week, but not after my son come into my life πŸ˜€

Apps for Ipod/Iphone/Ipad – Hmm, this maybe something good to blog about since I always scoop around for some great free apps for by Ipod G1, maybe I can write something about my feelings and thoughts on those apps I got and going to get πŸ˜€

OK …. I will start with some apps for Ipod/Iphone/Ipad, and some anime/toys/movies related whenever I got some.


About seTAN

Just a simple guy who loved his iOS games and apps, and love Open Source Technology, and sharing knowledge along the way :D
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